By Appraisers. For Appraisers.

We are here to get the job done. We remove barriers and create a seamless valuation experience that elevates appraisers, lenders and homeowners to provide faster and fairer appraisals, nationwide.
Our Story

Every valuation is a unique puzzle and requires a numbers driven approach with a human in the driver’s seat. We are appraiser owned and appraiser run and know the sweat equity of our past is essential to build the efficiencies of the future.

Moving A More Inclusive Industry Forward

We seek to delight appraisers, lenders, and homeowners and to magnify the entrepreneurialism and dignity of valuation work.

We Are True Footage

We are better together with over 3,000 years of collective valuation experience. Individuals can go far, but a team of experts across the country in a changing remote world can build off of each other and improve their own outcomes.