About True Footage.

We live for grand slams and are here to get the job done. We remove barriers and create a seamless valuation experience that elevates appraisers, lenders and homeowners nationwide.

Our Story

Born out of a lonely pandemic, we saw the need to build an engine that gets all residential players on the same team. Every valuation is a unique puzzle and requires a numbers driven approach with a human in the driver's seat. We are appraiser owned and appraiser run and know the sweat equity of our past is essential to build the efficiencies of the future.

Our Mission

Moving the industry forward without leaving people behind. We seek to delight appraisers, lenders, and homeowners and to magnify the entrepreneurialism and dignity of valuation work.

Our Culture

We're having an awesome time building. We are better together with over 3,000 years of collective valuation experience. Individuals can go far, but a team of experts across the country in a changing remote world can build off of each other and improve their own outcomes. Appraisers are overworked and under-appreciated and we recognize royalty when we see it.

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Meet the True Footage Superstars

Paul is a red meat fanatic and enjoys long walks in the Chicago winter. He is passionate about growth and gout. If Paul had 24 hours to live, he would spend 23 hours designing a process for the 24 hours and then make a loom about it. Paul has an imaginary friend named Blaine.



Mariah brings the zen to the party as a certified yoga instructor, unless she catches you slouching on Zoom calls or missing an email from a lender. Mariah is calmest when she has Thug Luv’ by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and 2Pac blasting in her AirPods. She wants to know your strangest trait - hers is eating the insides of lemons and limes and loving it.



Macaile’s claim to fame is completing the Mount Everest Base Camp trek without researching any of it beforehand (plot twist: she crushed it). Thankfully she manages our community and not our research division. Her spirit animal is a bull because she’s also been known to run into men with giant red flags and ultimately take them down.



When Hadi is not sending us all memes, he enjoys working on big projects, attending anime conventions, and saying “metaverse” five times fast. He likes to consider himself a freelance video game designer and developer with the amount of time he works on 3D models, rendering, and coming up with game logic. When he’s bored he likes to send the entire company memes.



Christina calls Utah home; traversing high on mountain roads one day to posing by red rocks and cacti the next. Christina transitions from RE Appraiser to Harley chick on the weekends as she loves the wide open view from the back of a motorcycle...complete with leathers, biker boots, and skull cap. She loves to catch an Audible book in the car on the way to her inspections....a little murder, mystery and intrigue. All in a day’s work.. just as long as it’s not at the house she is inspecting :).


Salt Lake City